Forearm Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala tattoo designs symbolize equilibrium, harmony, and perfection while serving as an icon of spirituality and ancient traditions. Mandalas are an increasingly popular way for individuals to commemorate their life journey, growth, and creativity. They can mainly be meaningful during times of transition or change.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon symbolize harmony, balance, and growth. They represent growth, strength, and good luck. This concept originates from Paganism, often symbolizing feminine and masculine energy, light/dark contrast, and sound/evil dynamics.

Tattooing the sun and moon design has long been one of the most beloved choices for body art, as it allows individuals to customize it according to their beliefs and ideas quickly. A sun and moon tattoo is also an excellent choice for couples wanting to symbolize their love and bond together through body art.

An intricate sun and moon tattoo design is an attractive choice for back, forearm, or leg tattooing, from simplistic pieces that cover an area entirely to complex ones that stand out.


Underboob tattoos are one of the most feminine and sensual tattoo choices for the female body. Their intimate nature makes this area ideal for bold, alluring designs that exude femininity.

Decorating this area in various ways is possible, with flowers and mandalas often being the go-to designs. Both represent symbols representing our universe that help bring harmony and spirituality. Flowers make great tattoo designs, whether a single rose or multiple blooms. Ink can be applied in red, black, or purple colors to symbolize passion, new beginnings, and eternal love.

For something with more geometric lines, a dragonfly or mandala are two elegant solutions that are simple yet symbolic – both great designs for black ink with limited shading options.


Mandala tattoo designs are one of the most beloved and versatile body art options, making them an excellent way to add an artistic piece to one’s body. While traditionally associated with perfection and eternity, mandalas can symbolize whatever meaning you wish.

This mandala design boasts an eye-catching floral center and an intricate repeating pattern around it. The delicate lines and patterns reminiscent of flowers can also be found here; for added detail, there are solid black areas.

The wrist is ideal for tattoos, as its large surface area allows for detailed artwork or more minimalist designs. Furthermore, this piece can easily be hidden or shown off depending on clothing choices and how often you wish to display your artwork.

Finger tattoos can make a bold statement and are easily noticeable to others – a conversation starter for some people!


The sternum, or breastbone, is an excellent canvas for tattoos representing strength and courage. People often opt for this location when looking for tattoos representingheir passions, beliefs, or values.

Popular designs for sternum tattoos include stars, mandalas, and tribal patterns; alternatively, you could choose an animal tattoo, such as a wolf or flower, to show your appreciation of nature.

Chandelier tattoo designs make beautiful statements on sternums. Not only are these versatile, but they also look spectacular when applied.

tattoos featuring feminine symbols have long been popular with women, as they can be bold and delicate at once, perfectly complementing your chest’s contours.

Sternum tattoos hold special meaning for many people, and the design must speak to you personally. Some sternum designs feature significant symbolism, while others can simply be decorative without much symbolism attached.