Finger Pictures – Modern Picture design Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a tattoo that’s easy to understand or one that has a special meaning, finger designs are a popular choice for many people. While a full-colour design may look impressive, you’ll find that pictures on fingers require frequent touch ups. Because the skin around the fingers is thin, black and coloured inks struggle to set the right tone. Even the most accomplished tattoo artist may not be satisfied with the final tones on their finger. As such, finger designs should be kept simple and clear and avoid fine lines and intricate designs.

When you want a unique tattoo for your fingers, you can make them look sophisticated and artistic by opting for simple designs. One of the best-known designs is the ellipsis, which is placed just below your fingernail. It is a great way to show off your love of music and the combination of the G cleff and treble cleff symbols creates a stylized heart outline.

Keep Finger Pictures Simple With Modern Image ideas


Finger pictures are often a great option for those who want a simple design but still have a big impact. Because the skin around your fingers is so thin, they require frequent touch-ups to stay in place. In addition, black and coloured inks do not adhere to your skin very well, so you might not be happy with the final tone. Because of this, you should keep the design of your picture as simple as possible.


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