Feminine Buddha Tattoos

If you’re looking for a unique design for your next tattoo, a feminine Buddha tattoo may be perfect for you. This ancient Buddhist figure symbolizes power, free will, and the ability to start over. While you may not be a fan of Buddha’s large belly, he did love to go on long walks and fast, and a tattoo of his image will give you a unique, yet feminine tattoo.


A Buddhist tattoo can be a symbol of enlightenment. This design features dots at the base, which represents the burgeoning consciousness and growing human mind. The unalome line represents the ups and downs of life, including the struggle for direction. The dots at the top represent the nothingness that awaits after death. The meaning behind an Unalome tattoo is simple: the higher consciousness is achieved by transforming into a pure being.

An Unalome tattoo has both masculine and feminine meaning. The spiral at the bottom of the symbol represents masculine energy while the one on the right is feminine. Its versatility allows it to be incorporated into contemporary designs to represent both sexes. The tattoo design can be placed anywhere on the upper body, such as the arm, back, neck, or shoulders. The placement of your Unalome tattoo may be confusing, so choosing the design first is a great place to start.

Laughing Buddha

If you are considering getting a tattoo, then you should consider the female laughing Buddha. The smiling face of the Buddha is a popular design variation. Many people choose to incorporate other elements into their tattoo design, including lotus and abstract floral patterns. The female laughing Buddha tattoo design is especially popular among women. Regardless of what your choice of design is, it will certainly make you smile. If you’re interested in getting this design, here are a few reasons why you should get one.

This design is a popular choice among women who have a Buddhist background and want a Buddhist symbol on their body. Its light-hearted image is meant to bring joy to the wearer, and it looks great on the torso. The laughing Buddha is traditionally drawn on the stomach, where the belly button creates delight. However, if you don’t like the look of the belly button, you can opt to get the design inked on other parts of your body. A laughing Buddha is also a symbol of Buddha’s teachings, which are like a wheel, and they move from one country to another depending on the circumstances.

Amitabha Buddha

An Amitabha Buddha feminine tattoo symbolizes the realization of your goals and determination. This tattoo also reveals your love of life and your excitement for the changes and experiences it brings. A tattoo of Buddha can take up to six hours to complete. A tattoo of this Buddhist figure will showcase your creative side. You can take on different tattoo designs and have them match your existing body art. It’s the perfect way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

A small Buddha leg tattoo is a great option, especially on your calf or forearm. This tattoo represents the feminine side of your nature and is a symbol of patience and a strong will. Its symmetrical design and black ink make it ideal for those who are nervous about needles. This tattoo also symbolizes the cycle of life and is a good choice for younger people or those who are artsy.

Gautama Buddha

If you’ve been wanting a Gautama Buddha feminine tattoo, you’ve come to the right place. The Buddha’s face is very feminine, and the placement of the tattoo makes it more girl-friendly. It is important to consider the placement of the Buddha, though, as the wrong body part can offend Buddhists or offend people of religious backgrounds. You may also want to consider tattooing your favorite Buddha in a feminine design, such as on your arm.

The first Buddha, Siddhartha, was born a prince and chose to leave a life of luxury in search of truth. He underwent many years of deep meditation and severe penance to reach enlightenment. He then taught people the true path of salvation. Today, people revere the Buddha in many forms, including tattoos. Here are some of the best designs of the Buddha, as well as their most popular types.

Amitabha Buddha of Pure Land Buddhism

Amitabha Buddha is the principal figural figure of Pure Land Buddhism. The practice of this religion is most popular in East Asia. His name translates to “boundless light and life.” The Buddha possesses the attributes of purification, discernment, and the awareness of the emptiness of all phenomena. His name is also derived from the Greek word amitai, meaning infinite.

A seated Buddha represents all of Buddhism. This particular design is popular for women, since the reclining Buddha is often seen wearing a lot of jewelry. It represents the enlightenment moment for Buddha, who spent six years searching in the forest before achieving enlightenment. The seated Buddha has many meanings, but the reclining figure represents peace and serenity.


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