5 Different Types of Tattoo Fonts

Tattoos are a fantastic way to commemorate memories or ideas. Designs range from subtle to eye-catching depending on what an individual hopes to accomplish with them.

Hikma Font

Hikma font offers beautiful Arabian calligraphy and comes complete with ligatures for easy usage in branding, photography, and other content creation processes. Additionally, Hikma works well when used for tattoo-inspired design purposes.


Fearless will ensure your tattoo designs look professional with its bold aesthetic and draw the eye away from any doubtful designs on the skin.

Morgan Tattoo

Morgan Tattoo is another blackletter tattoo font designed to enhance your designs, perfect for logos, posters, titles, and headlines. Additionally, this font offers accented characters as well as multilingual support.


Logawa is an innovative tattoo font perfect for creating striking designs. It features an expressive cursive script design and uppercase letters, numerals, and ligatures, allowing designers to unleash their imaginations when crafting Tattoos and body art designs.


Bold display fonts work particularly well when designing Tattoos involving words or names, making an eye-catching contemporary and retro statement. Creative Market has an abundance of bold tattoo fonts that capture these traits perfectly.

Black Valentine

Black Valentine is an ornate gothic font that would work perfectly as the basis of name designs. It also comes equipped with swashes, stylistic alternates for letters and numbers, and punctuation marks for optimal design purposes.


Tattoo fonts add an eye-catching element to any design, whether you want to make a bold statement or keep it subtle; plenty of choices are available to meet your needs. Tattoo fonts that emulate handwriting or calligraphy are popular choices among tattoo enthusiasts. These fonts typically incorporate decorative elements like swashes to enhance their appearance and can be used for multiple purposes, including branding beverages or creating shop signage.

Black Brody

Black Brody is an iconic tattoo font that works well in all designs. It has plenty of ligatures, alternate letters, and multilingual support.


Tattoo font styles have become a trendy visual element for various designs and branding campaigns, from T-shirts and billboards to packaging. While this type of font often uses black or Gothic font, its intimidating appearance may turn some away.

Rose Malow

Rose Malow is an outstanding tattoo font with its modern script style and minimalist lines, supporting ligatures, and multilingual support.


Artzopo is an innovative tattoo font that will add an artistic and stylish look to your designs. Featuring ligatures and ornaments to give a range of styles a distinctive appearance.


Tattoo fonts can add a unique personal touch to a name, date, or quote design. A decorative vintage font like Black Valentine or an attractive flowing cursive could work great with your name art.


Chicano is a contemporary tattoo font with an artistic design, ideal for crafting titles in posters, flyers, or other creative projects. Additionally, this font offers ligatures and alternate characters.

Eggcup Cute Display Font

Eggcup is an eye-catching display font with bold strokes and whimsical characters, supporting ligatures, and alternates to add extra creativity to your work. Perfect for logo design, social media posts, movie titles, book excerpts, short text, or as your secondary font alongside sans or serifs!

The Northwest

The Northwest tattoo font suits various tattoo lettering projects, including logotypes, shirt designs, barber shops, and magazines. It features uppercase letters, numerals punctuation, and multilingual accents, all encoded using PUA OpenType technology – making this font an excellent addition.


Tattoos are an expression of oneself, so the font you select should also express this personal statement. Acceptable cursive fonts are popular, but other styles like blackletter fonts could also work well.

Gold Queen

Gold Queen font is decorative and legible, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, ligatures, alternates, and multilingual support.


Strong West is an old-school tattoo font ideal for nautical-style Tattoos and designs. This beautiful blackletter font includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation marks for maximum versatility.