Deer Tattoo Meaning

There are several meanings for the deer . For instance, deer are the symbol of Artemis/Diana, the goddess of fertility, fidelity, wealth, and chastity. For this reason, a deer tattoo may symbolize fertility, wealth, or fidelity, depending on the tattoo‘s location and size. If you’re looking for a specific meaning for your tattoo, read on to learn more about deer.

Many myths and legends surround the goddess Artemis/Diana, the Greek fertility god. Artemis was born the day before the god Apollo, on the island of Ortygia. Her husband Leto begged her to cross the sea to the island of Delos, where she gave birth to her son Apollo. Artemis was also the patron goddess of youth and chastity.

Artemis/Diana is a goddess of fertility


Ancient Greeks and Romans associated Artemis with fertility, and her image was adorned with fertility. A statue of Artemis from the 2nd century CE, decorated with a crescent moon, is in the Vatican Museums in Rome. A marble figurine of Artemis covering herself with animals and eggs dates to the 125-175 CE period. Today, this statue can be seen in the Archeological Museum of Selcuk, Turkey.

A mythological character who was a mother goddess of hunting and the wilderness, Artemis was also the patron of unmarried girls. The localized goddess of Ephesus, Artemis/Diana, was considered a great wonder of the Ancient World, and her temple at Ephesus was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. However, despite these similarities, the two goddesses are distinctly different.

Artemis/Diana is a goddess of chastity

The Greeks adored Artemis/Diana, and they had many stories about her. In one, a hunter named Actaeon found her naked while bathing. When the hunter realized that Artemis was unclothed, she turned him into a stag and set his hounds on him. This story tells how the goddess protects the sacred chastity of women.

The Greeks admired Artemis as a virgin huntress, and regarded her as a protector of women and young girls. She also had many names related to her divinity, including Agrotere (of the hunt), Pheraia (of the beasts), Orsilokhia (“helper of childbirth”), and Aidoios Parthenos (a virgin). However, there is no consensus as to whether her original meaning was related to chastity.

Artemis was originally associated with the sun. Over time, her association with the moon evolved to the moon, which is also Artemis’s Roman counterpart. While Artemis never actually appears as the moon, she is generally depicted next to a crescent moon. In addition to her association with the moon, she is a goddess of childbirth. And she was often the one who brought about the birth of her twin brother, Apollo.

Artemis/Diana is a goddess of fidelity

The Greek goddess Artemis was a woman who strove to keep her purity. Her fidelity never wavered and she refused to compromise her ethical principles. She was a strong hunter, and her fidelity did not allow her to be tarnished by erotic assault. While a woman, she was unconcerned with the pleasures of love, and her fidelity required her partners to be sacrificial in nature.

Ancient philosophers and theologians have investigated Diana’s nature, mythology, and kinship with other gods. In ancient Aradia, Diana was credited with creating the material world and reigning over the faeries. These traits have been preserved in many modern myths. But the nature of Diana’s role in ancient Aradia remains unknown. In other ancient cultures, Diana was regarded as a fertility deity who was invoked by women to aid in conception and delivery.

Artemis/Diana is a goddess of wealth

The origin of the name Artemis/Diana is uncertain. It could be a deity of Asiatic origin, such as the mother goddess of the earth. There is a temple dedicated to Artemis in Ephesus, a Roman province in Asia Minor. The Greek goddess Artemis was later given the Latinized form Diana, and the goddess of wealth was known as Artemis of Ephesus. However, the name Diana should not be confused with the goddess of the same name in Greece.

Diana’s etymology is obscure, but she is related to many localized deities, including Juno, Lucina, and Cernunnos. In Western Europe, Diana is associated with the moon, which turns darkness into daylight. Children are born after seven or nine lunar revolutions. Therefore, Diana is a goddess of wealth and prosperity. Artemis/Diana is a goddess of wealth and fertility.


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