Lil Peep’s Crybaby Tattoo

Lil Peep wears various tattoos that express his individuality and passion for fast cars. Some even honor that passion with memorial tattoos depicting specific emblems on his skin.

He received a pink panther tattoo after visiting Venice Beach. Ed Hardy designed it based on a Dean Dennis poster from the 1980s.


Crybaby is a tattoo that Lil Peep sports on his right eyebrow to honor the fact that, as a kid, he often had bad attitudes and complained frequently.

This was one of his initial tattoos and honored both his mother, Liza Womack’s birthday and initials.

Lil Peep fans hold dear the symbol known as ‘Cry Baby,’ which features decorative patterns in a unique font style. This logo holds a special place in their hearts.

The Crybaby album was an overwhelming success, and this logo has proven popular among fans of its creator. If you want to show appreciation for their work, consider getting one of these tattoos as an expression!


The horseshoe may be an appropriate symbol if you want a tattoo representing luck and good fortune. Additionally, this design could hold special meaning for you.

Lil Peep is a rapper known for sporting various tattoos that reflect his personality and ideas, including an eye-catching horseshoe tattoo on both hands.

Lil Peep references his horseshoe tattoo on Cry Baby as a source of luck, helping him keep going when facing hardships and difficulties.

Lil Peep sports another tattoo of note on his body: a pink panther design as a tribute to Meep, his former pet dog. This design serves as a constant reminder of their unique relationship.

His hands bear Roman numerals MCM and XCVI, which may represent his star sign of Scorpio or serve as a tribute to his grandfather, who passed away when he was still young.


Wing tattoos have become a fashion statement. Wings on the back or leg can make for an excellent ink design representing many things. When selecting this tattoo design for yourself or as a present for someone else, there are various shapes and sizes of wings.

Crosses are one of the most iconic wing tattoo designs, symbolizing love and hope in equal measures. A cross tattoo makes a beautiful reminder never to give up and hope!

Crescent Wings tattoos can also add great additions to one’s body art collection, representing new chapters in life.

Lil Peep had many tattoos that represented himself and his personality. These helped him stay true to himself even when others judged his choices as strange or eccentric, while others showed support from friends and family who stood with him no matter what was thrown at them.

Lil Peep

Lil Peep was covered with many tattoos inspired by personal experiences and music. These included commemorating these passions and representing personal growth and musical influences in his life.

He had some designs inspired by his favorite car; for instance, he had a Dean Dennis poster tattooed onto his right arm.

tattoos allowed him to express himself and deal with whatever challenges he faced then. They became part of him and helped him cope.

His numerous face and body tattoos defined Lil Peep; these unique markings helped define who he was, as well as being part of society and making him stand out remarkably.

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