The Best Places For a Cross-Chain Tattoo


– Cross-chain Tattoos on the neck area effectively show one’s faith to others and remember those who have passed on.

– This type of ink is popular among Christian men.

– Geometric elements can be added for a striking and eye-catching statement piece.


– Cross-chain Tattoos on the forearm area are popular choices because they always remain visible.

– Additional elements such as barbed crowns or thorns symbolizing Christ’s crucifixion can be incorporated.

– Wooden crosses are another popular design option for personalization.


– Wrist Tattoos make great statement pieces and are popular among cyclists and motorbikers.

– They offer ample room for creating complex designs and aesthetic appeal.

– Crosses with crowns on top are often depicted to show devotion.


– Cross Tattoos on the chest serve as an inspiring symbol to remind us to keep faith and remain strong.

– They are popular among men who face difficult circumstances in life.

– They can also be placed on the ribs for maximum visibility while remaining hidden under clothing.


– Back areas offer a large canvas for complex designs such as cross-chain tattoos.

– Elements like skulls and chains can be added for flair.

– This tattoo style works best for strong and courageous men.


– Shoulders provide ample room for larger cross-tattoo designs.

– They serve as constant reminders of faith.

– Crosses can be combined with biblical passages or other designs to create beautiful artwork.


– Legs are an ideal spot for larger-scale cross tattoos.

– Elements like swords or banners can be incorporated for added detail.

– Military personnel often opt for this style.

Pachuco Cross Tattoo:

– Represents Chicano culture and can be displayed on legs, hands, or wrists.

Leviathan Cross Tattoo:

– Depicts a cross with features similar to a leviathan, a sea monster, or a whale.