Cool tattoo Sayings and Quotes For Women

Locating cool tattoo sayings and quotes for women can be a little more challenging then you might think. You see, the thing is that a lot of these “cool” Image meanings and quotes are big old unoriginal pictures themselves. They are just plastered all over the place on girls and boys alike, so I want to show you how to find the original Image meanings and quotes that are really cool. Here’s what you need to know…

Are you looking for cool tattoo sayings and quotes for women? Picture design ideas can be found through a number of sources. These are:

I’m Going To tattoo You – This is a great saying if you’re going to tattoo somebody else. It’s a motivational quote and ideal for when you’re feeling really down and need some inspiration. However, you shouldn’t use this saying when you’re getting a tattoo of someone you don’t really know. In general it’s a poor choice of tattoo for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Don’t get a tattoo because it sounds cool, just because it looks cool.

Cool Tattoo Sayings For Girls – What is the Best Picture design Idea for Your Body?


Body art has been a popular theme throughout history, one of the most popular being cool tattoo sayings for girls. There are many cool picture designs for women out there but I feel that the best ones still have to do with the element of “Tribe” or “Spirit” and they are all about the heart. Tribal pictures, heart shaped pictures, heart pictures for girls and other tribal body arts for women will always be my favorite.


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