Cool Small Tattoo Ideas For Girls

If you’re looking for a smaller tattoo design, there are many options. Small Tattoo designs can be extremely meaningful, and can also be in a discreet location. These designs are often used as a tribute to a loved one or something special. Some examples of these tattoos include Lightbulb, Hummingbird, and Squirtle-look-alike designs.

Lightbulb tattoos

Tattoos in blacklight reactive ink are one of the most popular choices these days. They are available as removable decals and can be used on many surfaces. The designs are available in various sizes and shapes. The quality vinyl decals are available in white and transparent varieties and can be applied to most areas.


Dreamcatcher tattoos are a great choice for women who want to stand out from the crowd. If you have light skin, they look particularly attractive. Men can also get dreamcatcher tattoos. These Tattoos have a variety of meanings, and you can even combine them with another popular design. For example, you can choose a dreamcatcher tattoo with a wolf feather on your ribcage.

Dream catchers are traditionally thought to catch nightmares, but they can also help people cope with life’s difficulties. They can be found on arm tattoos or on shoulder pieces and look very cool. They can be customized with names as well, making them even more personalized. Dream catchers can also be used to represent a person’s feminine side, bringing out the playful side of women.

Dream catchers originated with the Anishinabe people, who lived along the border of Central United States and Southern Canada. They are the “original people” and referred to themselves as “the people from the north.” In North America, they are known as Chippewa people, and in Canada, they are known as Ojibwa.

Dream catchers are typically placed on the arm, but they can be placed anywhere on the body. They look particularly beautiful on the shoulder. Their delicate style and flowing jewelry make them a versatile choice for a tattoo. You can incorporate your name or the names of family members into the design, and you can even incorporate the dream catcher into a rose design.


Tattoos of Squirtle look-alikes can be cute, colorful, and unique. These designs are often inspired by cartoons. One popular example is the Squirtle from the popular video game, Pokemon. This cute little pokemon is often seen biting Charizard. Tattoo artists are often skilled at finding inspiration for cartoon tattoos, adding to the overall quality of the finished product. These designs can look very real, as they include shading and details that make them appear to be real. In addition, the tattoo looks prominent without additional work.

A Squirtle tattoo can show off the character’s adorable face, or it can be an adorable tattoo depicting its jolly nature. A Squirtle tattoo is a great option for those who love the series. Tattoos of a Squirtle can be painted with vivid colors or just empty spaces.


There are many different hummingbird small tattoo designs. Usually, these tattoos take up a lot of space, so you might want to think about where you want to place them. Also, keep in mind that you can incorporate different elements, such as flowers or the sun, into your tattoo design. There are also many different placement options for hummingbird Tattoos, so you can choose a design that symbolizes what is most important to you.

Hummingbird tattoo designs usually depict the bird’s constantly moving wings and the nectar it collects from flowers. You can choose the flowers in the design for aesthetic reasons or choose those with deeper symbolism. Some flowers, like cherry blossoms, represent beauty and love. Others, such as honeysuckles, represent good luck and happiness.

Hummingbird tattoo designs come in different styles and colour palettes. You can choose from a watercolour or realistic style. Some designs are more detailed and intricate than others. For example, if you want to get a tattoo of a hummingbird on your thigh, a watercolour design may be a great choice.

Hummingbird tattoo designs are perfect for people who want a tattoo that represents their independence. Whether you want a simple bird with a black and white background, or a bold, colorful piece with a rainbow, a hummingbird is a great choice. You can also get a smaller hummingbird tattoo for a more subtle, simple design.


Small tattoos can be cute and subtle. For example, an anchor is a great choice for a small piece of body art. It symbolizes stability and security and can look great on the wrist, ankle or even finger. Another popular symbol tattoo is the anchor, which can be small or large and is associated with the number three. It is a great choice for a small tattoo and works equally well as a larger one.

When choosing a small tattoo, think about what it says about you. If you love nature, you might want to get a small piece of nature that is surrounded by mountains. The back piece of this tattoo will show off when you’re wearing a short-sleeved shirt. If you have a deeper appreciation for Mother Nature, you might consider getting a small wave tattoo. These small pieces represent Mother Nature’s energy. A small anchor, on the other hand, symbolizes stability, strength and perseverance.

Another small tattoo design you might consider getting is a small flower. This design is perfect for an arm or shoulder and is understated yet still very detailed. You can also choose a small tattoo of a butterfly. This design is subtle but still beautiful and has a deep meaning.

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