Classic Tattoo Flash Artwork – Still The Best Way To Get Your picture!

Classic tattoo flash is either drawn by hand by professional tattoo artists for public display at their studios, or purchased from various online stores and distributors or traded for by other tattoo enthusiasts. Once solely hand-drawn, classic tattoo flash is now mostly replaced by digital, professional tattoo artists who sell print copies of licensed, vintage flash at tattoo shows and online. But not all classic tattoo flash designs are lost; tattoo lovers can find new life in some of these classic picture designs. New artists have discovered the hidden treasure of older tattoo art by digitally recreating it using tattoo stencils. These stencils allow tattooists to use old techniques with a modern edge, creating designs that look as good as if they were hand drawn years ago.

If you’re looking for the best Image drawing resources available online, then there are a few places worth checking out. One is Simply Tattoo, which has an excellent gallery with over 800 designs (many of which are free) as well as a great forum where you can interact with other tattoo lovers. Some people simply look to flash galleries for inspiration, joining parts from other pieces to make their own, original pictures. In reality, flash artwork is still probably one of the best methods for a tattoo artist to sell their work. Here’s why…

Classic tattoo flash design remains as popular as ever in today’s world of tattooing. Most tattoo artists still use traditional tattoo flash designs to decorate their studios: old-school picture frames, newspaper cuttings, comic strips, and old-fashioned book covers are just some of the many things that have made them popular over the years. Some people also use them to accent their clothing, add a touch of mystique to a party, or just for personal satisfaction. Regardless of why you choose classic tattoo flash, it’s sure to be a good choice, as proven by the popularity of this design.


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