Cheryl Cole Tattoos

Cheryl Cole reportedly spent 15 hours tattooing an intricate design of roses, barbed wire, and treble clef on her thigh’s lower back and hip area.


Cheryl first revealed her growing back tattoo while touring. It covered up a swirling butterfly and barbed wire design she had at 16. Tattoo artist Anthony Lee took 15 hours to finish this rose tattoo, which Cheryl endured despite the pain.

Chezza has swirl patterns on both hands, a faded “Mrs. C” on her neck, and a giant rose tattoo on her buttocks. She also has surprises like a Tweety Bird on her thigh and a treble clef on her right hand.


Tattoos are an everlasting form of self-expression. Tribal tattoos, like a swirling pattern, symbolize our connection with nature and the universe. They offer beautiful designs and speak of spirituality or beauty.

Cheryl has tribal Tattoos on her hand and a treble clef representing her musical career on her hip.

Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird is a beloved cartoon canary symbolizing hope, perseverance, and innocence. Cheryl unveiled a large rose tattoo on her lower back and buttocks, and she explained her decision by saying, “life’s too short.”

She also has a Polynesian Maori fashion tribal tattoo on her right hand and an intricate thigh tattoo featuring roses, vines, barbed wire, and a treble clef.


Cheryl has an interesting tattoo on her thigh featuring roses, vines, barbed wire, and a treble clef. She got her first tattoo at 16, a small heart on her left middle finger as a tribute to her sister’s first child.

She also has a Polynesian Maori-style tribal tattoo on her shoulder, featuring a heart design by artist Lydia Klenck, representing love as the core of everything.