Celtic Shoulder Tattoos

Getting a Celtic shoulder tattoo is a great way to express yourself and to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. Whether you want to express your love for the eagle or your passion for the triquetra, there are many designs to choose from. From Celtic designs to Celtic spirals, these tattoos are powerful armor. Read on for tips and ideas to help you choose your perfect Celtic tattoo. Hopefully, you’ll find your perfect Celtic shoulder tattoo soon.

Triquetra symbol

The Celtic love knot is an important symbol for anyone who has committed themselves to a relationship. A tattoo featuring interlocking knots represents eternal love. Whether it is for a man or a woman, this symbol is sure to evoke powerful feelings. In addition, it can be adapted to suit your own personality and style. Many of these tattoo designs are based on ancient Celtic knots.

Although the symbol is derived from the ancient Greeks, it is actually a Celtic design. The Celts used it in their calendars and they gave it special meaning. They also placed it on runestones, and some say the Celtics took it to mean a certain aspect of the sun. The Irish also associated it with Manannana Mac Lear, a god of the sun.

Love knot

A Celtic shoulder tattoo with love knot is a beautiful design for women and men alike. The knot looks best in black ink and can be placed on the shoulder, back, neck, or arm. Celtic tattoos look best on people with fair to wheatish skin and are usually done in small to medium sizes. Tattoos with Celtic knots are often enhanced with other designs such as vines, tree branches, or other elements. A Celtic shoulder tattoo with love knot is an elegant and timeless style that will last a lifetime.

The Celtic love knot has numerous meanings. It is a symbol of interwoven male and female energy and is associated with loyalty and the interweaving of lovers’ bodies and souls. The oldest designs of the love knot are the heart-shaped oval knots, which represent the union of two souls. The interlacing knots are a symbol of unending love. If you’re a Christian, this tattoo will symbolize the love of two people.


The Celtic spiral tattoo is a great design for those who want to display their love, compassion, and serenity in a tattoo. It’s a relatively easy knot to draw, but it represents an immense amount of power and armor. Here’s a look at how you can create it. And, as a bonus, it’s very easy to do yourself! It’s a beautiful and intricate way to display your love and camaraderie.


A serenity prayer tattoo is a great choice for a shoulder or arm tattoo. It usually consists of a prayer and the word “serenity” is highlighted on each line. While it is usually placed on a larger body part, this type of tattoo design can also look great on the leg or lower arm. Adding a bird to your design can be a great choice, but you should know what birds mean before getting one.

Celtic knots can mean several things. One of them is the eternal nature of love. Those who are married can wear a tattoo of this design to remind them of how long they’ve been together. It can also mean peace and harmony with nature. A Celtic knot tattoo can be a symbol for eternity. While most Celtic shoulder tattoo designs are meant to be temporary, this style is a great choice for anyone who likes the feel of a permanent tattoo.


The Celtic sleeve tattoo features multiple design elements, including a lion’s head and the trinity knot. These are both symbolic of the interconnectedness of the world, while the flower design and four pointed knot symbolize the union of the four cardinal directions. This tattoo uses shading and black saturation to create depth and contrast, while still being able to work within the context of the overall design. Its striking design also resembles armor, and includes elements of the Celtic shamrock, pentagram, and celtic cross.

The Celtic knot represents courage, love, serenity, and camaraderie. It is a simple knot to create, and its variation can be endless with better shading. This Celtic shoulder tattoo is an elegant way to display one’s heritage. It also represents the holy trinity, namely the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Its placement on the shoulder is ideal, as it is small but detailed.


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