97+ Unique Butt Tattoos with Meanings (2019)

Tattoos on the butt can look cool and elegant. Dragon butt tattoos are very elegant. Butterfly butt tattoos are also very classy and represent pleasure. These are the most common types of butt tattoos and are often worn by people who want to express their sexuality. They are both beautiful and elegant and can be worn by men and women of all ages.

Dragon butt Tattoos are elegant

Dragon butt tattoos are one of the most stylish types of Tattoos. Whether you choose a color or a design without color, a dragon tattoo is a bold statement. There are many designs and ideas for these beautiful, edgy tattoos. Dragon tattoos are also incredibly versatile and can be placed on various parts of the body. A dragon tattoo can express many different emotions. You can choose a dragon that is peaceful, wrathful, ecstatic, or just plain obnoxious.

Dragon butt tattoos are also very sexy. Tattoos adorned with dragons are a great way to show off intricate details. For example, a large back dragon tattoo will look great with a backless top. The design will also show off your bold, independent personality.

Rose tattoos are also a stunning choice. Roses are among nature’s most elegant flowers. They represent beauty, love, and passion. Whether you decide to have a rose tattoo or a dragon butt tattoo, these designs will certainly add a regal, elegant flair to your look.

A small butt tattoo is another stylish option. This design can be hidden and can be painless. Snakes are also among the most popular tattoos, as they are flexible and can be adapted to any part of the body. While most women have an ass tattoo, men are more likely to opt for dragon butt tattoos. These designs have been associated with power, strength, and many men have chosen to get them as tattoos.


If you’re considering getting inked on your butt, it may be wise to consider the meaning behind the design. A cute butt tattoo can convey a lot of meaning if you choose one that combines nature with the cosmos. Blue waves contrast against black stars and planets. Another nice choice is a matching friendship tattoo.

There are many different options when it comes to butt tattoos. You can go for a classic or modern design, based on your personal tastes and the type of skin on your body. You can also go for something cute and girly like a pin-up girl or a flower. If you’d like something a little more sophisticated, you can opt for mandala art, which covers the cheeks of your booty with intricate patterns. These designs require some patience to make.

A simple butt tattoo design can feature a floral scene or a pair of hearts. The tattoo can be hidden or displayed. A cute, feminine design is great for girls and can make for a great story for your friends. For a more personal look, you can choose an image that has meaning for you. For example, a flaming heart can mean a lot to you. If you are a romantic, you might want to consider an image that reflects your love and desire for a long-term relationship.

When considering what design to get for your butt, it is important to keep in mind that a butt tattoo is a more vulnerable part of your body. This area of the body can be prone to rubbing and can affect the healing process. Because of this, you should use aftercare products to protect your tattoo and to prevent it from being damaged.


Cool butt tattoos are a great way to express yourself with body art. Not only do these tattoos look great, but they are also very comfortable to get. Unlike finger or neck tattoos, butt tattoos don’t require any pain or recovery time. There are also several types of butt tattoos available, from traditional designs to minimalist ones. For example, a lettered butt tattoo is one of the hottest choices right now. The wearer chose the word “honey” and had it tattooed in a bold, simple font. This tattoo design is absolutely gorgeous.

While most people reserve their butt tattoos for special messages, you can also get a tattoo that says something funny and naughty. These tattoos can be fun to get and are perfect for stoner aesthetics. You can even find tattoos that say “Stitch” on your butt. Whether you want to convey a funny message or just want to look funny, butt tattoos are a fun way to express yourself.

A giant butt tattoo can allude to neo-tribal ways. In this style, the ornamentation starts from the back and spreads over the whole butt. Another cool butt Tattoo idea is an abstract design. An abstract tattoo can shape the body the way you want it to be. Greek influences have had a big impact on Tattoo design, and their symbols carry deep meaning. The Ouroboros symbol, for example, depicts a serpent swallowing its tail. This tattoo design is a beautiful, intricate piece of art that is sure to make you look great.

Butterfly butt tattoos represent pleasure

Butterfly butt tattoos are a symbol of pleasure and transformation. They can symbolize the life cycle of an insect or the pleasure of a passionate relationship. The meaning behind butterfly butt tattoos is often influenced by the colors chosen. A blue butterfly, for example, indicates luck. A yellow butterfly, on the other hand, means happiness. Other popular butterfly symbols include the bee, which is a symbol of loyalty, intelligence, and dedication. In contrast, a moth, a nocturnal creature, is associated with death.

Butterflies have long been a symbol of pleasure and transformation. In the Eastern world, they represent joy, beauty, and rarity. Butterflies are a symbol of freedom and transience, and they often signify the satisfaction of the freedom to make choices for yourself. They can be the symbol of joy in a woman’s life.

Some people choose to have a butterfly butt tattoo to express a positive attitude. Some famous people have these tattoos. Singer Teyana Taylor has two on her butt. On the right half, she has three gummy bears in the pan-African colors that represent Guinea. On the left half, she has a Rolling Stones icon. Halsey also has a butterfly butt tattoo.

A butterfly butt tattoo may symbolize virginity. In ancient times, virgin women were given to the gods as gifts and were obligated to abstinence. It was believed that virginal women would never lose their virginity. Another reason to choose this tattoo is its versatility. It can be done in various colors and shapes and can be very detailed. Depending on the artist’s preference, a butterfly butt tattoo can look very realistic or as dreamy as the heavens.


Freedom butt tattoos are a popular choice for body art. The symbolism behind them is wide and varied. A butterfly, for instance, symbolizes freedom and transformation. The color of the butterfly also has an impact on its meaning. Blue, for example, means good luck, while yellow represents happiness. Other popular symbols of freedom include bees, which represent loyalty, intelligence, and dedication. A moth, on the other hand, represents death.

Before getting a butt tattoo, ensure the artist you’ve chosen is licensed to tattoo your body. Also, check their health and hygiene practices. Some shops offer consultations with artists, so you can discuss the design with them beforehand. You should also confirm when your tattoo will be completed. Depending on the artist, your tattoo may take up to two weeks.


Getting a butt tattoo can be a very painful experience. The ink will be permanently inked onto the skin. This tattoo is often a symbol of a person’s ambition and desire. It can also be a symbol of gang membership or perseverance. It’s important to choose your design carefully to ensure that you’ll be happy with it.

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