Bull Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Tips For Getting the Best Looking Tattoo Design!

The bull tattoo designs are awesome and very masculine. They come in a wide array and can be dressed up in several creative ways on different body parts. But the most preferred places for these tattoos are on the upper arm, lower back and upper chest. The ancient people who were born under the Taurus sign find the bull a suitable tattoo for a permanent tattoo. The bull has always been associated with aggression, strength and courage and therefore is the perfect image for tattooing.

Bull Tattoo Meaning – Is the Bull Your Friend?

Not just for bull riding enthusiasts, the bull tattoo has become a very good way to show who you really are, when you need it! Strong and powerful, these tattoo designs really show you charging into life, and embracing life at its best. The bull has always been a symbol to me and to many of you; I am sure this has a big effect on the design you choose to have.



Best Tattoo Design Ideas For Women – Bull Tattoos For Girls

This large bull tattoos symbolizes a challenge. This intimidating bull tattoos depicts a strong, bull-like creature. This bull tattoos designs truly look very imposing. This is often used as an accent or central design on the arm, back, shoulder or leg.



Trendy and Beautiful Bull Tattoo Ideas for Modern Men

A typically masculine oriented tattoo, many tattoos artists have achieved to make bull tattoos designs more than just a sexual object, transcending that interpretation entirely. Still retaining the bull’s spirit-and often, its teeth-as themes, bull tattoos designs are becoming a hot theme enjoyed by all classes of individuals. Gorgeous and trendy designs blend well with the pure, primal meaning of the mighty beast.



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Famous Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women

One of the most well-liked animal tattoos designs, both as a fashion statement and as a sign of strength and power, the bull tattoos has been around for quite some time. There is a long and storied history of bull tattoos designs, which include the famous tricolor of the American Indians with the American and Mexican tricolors being the most prominent of this time period. Some of the oldest and most well-known styles that have become popular over time are the Celtic, tribal, and tribal art style tattoos. With the vast amount of tattoos design ideas available, it should not be very difficult to come up with a unique and original tattoos design.



Cool Tattoo Design Ideas – Bull Tattoos For Men

The bull tattoos designs are awesome and always look really macho. They’re a rich choice and are often worn in many diverse styles on different body areas. But the most preferred places to have them include on the arm, back and forearm. The ones who are born under the Taurus bull sign find the bull tattoos an apt design for a cool tattoo.



Bull Tattoo Design Ideas – 3 Fantastic Designs You Can Use

The bull tattoos designs are awesome and quite masculine. They come in a wide array and can be worn on different body parts depending on one’s desire and personality. But the most preferred places for these are back, upper arm and chest. There are many bull tattoos designs you can choose from to make your tattoos design. So below are some bull tattoos design ideas you can use to get the best.



Bull Tattoo Design Ideas for Men – Why the Bull is a Highly Favored Tattoo Design For Men

If you’re looking for bull tattoos ideas, you’ve come to the right place. The bull has an extremely interesting history that dates back centuries and depicts strength, aggression and virility. The bull tattoos is one of the most sought after tattoos designs for men. Here, you will learn about the bull tattoos and some great tattoos design ideas for men.

A bull is often depicted as being ferocious, strong, and powerful. This powerful image has caught the attention of many tattoo enthusiasts who have turned to body art to express themselves. The tattoo can be done in black or color, according to the preference of the tat artist. Adding wings, a moustache, and other accessories to a bull tattoo design has made it more popular among many tattoo enthusiasts who want to have a unique tattoo. The tattoo design can express the personality of the person having the tattoo. While bull tattoo design ideas are vast, here are some of the best tattoo design ideas for men.



Bull Tattoo Designs – What Types of Tattoos Should You Get?

The bull tattoo designs are awesome and very masculine. They come in various masculine styles and are an awesome choice to adorn any part of your body. However, they are usually preferred by men who have a strong sense of self-confidence and don’t mind getting tattooed on some part of their body. However, the most preferred places include the upper arm, lower back and inner thigh.




The Best Tattoo Design Ideas For Body Art

A commonly male oriented tattoo bull tattoo designs has reached to create artwork with a culture and meaning all its own. Still reflecting much of the history and myths of past cultures, bull tattoo designs have managed to be a popular theme enjoyed by all types of individuals from all walks of life. Here are some of the best tattoo design ideas for body art…

The bull tattoo can be regarded as a quintessential image of a bull. Everybody knows that a bull is made up of many ancient stories and legends. And probably this animal has always represented a part of those legends, especially in its association with strength, thunder, fertility and the element of the sun. Bull has always represented the masculine, courageous and representative of the active and powerful solar energy, its mighty thunder, hissing sound – with lightning, rain and wind, greeting his guests, welcoming the new year.

A typical male oriented tattoo bull tattoo has been mastered by some artists to make bull tattoo ideas that exceeds just that stereotypical interpretation. Still reflecting many aspects from ancient myths and cultures, bull tattoo ideas have managed to be a continuing theme enjoyed by many types of individuals from all over the world. You could find different types of bull tattoo ideas that are meant to express different meanings and personalities. There are also those who would choose these images to represent their fierce and massive strength while there are also those who would get the tattoo in their bodies as a display of power and domination.

Bull Tattoo Design – Small Or Large?

Trying to think of something original for a bull tattoo? What about a small tattoo design or a full color, customized design that you can be proud to wear all day? You have come to the right place, I’ve got some fantastic bull tattoo ideas for you. These ideas are guaranteed to stand out and get a lot of attention from everyone that sees them. Here they are, take a look…

Tattoo For All – A New Twist on an Old Theme!

Throughout history men have used dogs to symbolize strength and power. From the picture of a ferocious Bull fighting for the hunt to the sleek Bull on Wall Street, bull tattoo designs have astered across the land. Modern tattooists inject bull designs with new appeal to represent new interpretations. Whether you choose a bull tattoo for strength, power or virility, modern tattoo ideas will bring a contemporary twist to your design. Let these powerful symbols inspire you to create a modern tattoo for all of your life!

Bull Tattoo – The Best Tattoo Drawing Style Ever

A bull tattoo is an icon of strength and power. They are the most popular animal designs for body art and have become a staple design in many tattoo designs. The strength of a bull is symbolized by its massive size and bull tattoo can be large or small. Whether large or small, bull tattoo still remains as one of the best tattoo drawing styles around.

Bull Tattoo – The Best Tattoo Drawing For Guys

The bull tattoo looks awesome and very masculine. They’re also a rich assortment and are often worn in various cool, stylish styles on different body areas. But the best places to put them are the upper arm, back and thigh.

Tattoo Design Tips – The Perfect Bull Tattoo Design For You!

So you want to get a bull tattoo but don’t know where to start? Well, its not as hard as you may think to get a bull tattoo design. This article will show you the top places and styles for having a great bull tattoo done on your body. Beautiful list! So now you’re getting a tattoo and need it to be unique, artistic, represents your style and makes you just look awesome.

Bull Tattoo Meaning – How to Tell What a Bull Tattoo Means Before Getting Your New Tattoo

Beautiful list! So you want a tattoo that makes you look super cool, is functional, has artistic meaning and is meaningful to you. Great! Bull tattoos are powerful, majestic creatures that will reflect a large amount of individual personality traits both in design or place on your body. Here are just a few Bull tattoo meaning ideas to get you started:

A typically masculine tattoo, most artists throughout history have achieved to create bull tattoo styles that transcends just that traditional interpretation. Still reflecting many traditional traits from old myths and cultures, bull tattoo styles have managed to grow into a worldwide trend enjoyed by millions of individuals.

Bull Tattoo Design – Modern Tattoo Ideas

The bull tattoo is one of the oldest and most popular tattoo designs. The bull has symbolic meanings that are very important to the many tribes of the world. The bull represents strength, power and virility. This is why the bull tattoo has been a symbol of protection, prestige and authority in many cultures for thousands of years.

What’s the best tattoo drawing for you? This is probably one of the toughest questions to answer, especially since the best tattoo designs can be so elusive and hard to come by. Most people get stuck on a design that they like and either never get it inked or end up regretting their decision. If you’re stuck, here’s a look at some of the best tattoo drawing ideas for women out there. This list reveals the best locations and styles for having a great bull tattoo implemented on your body.

If you’re looking for the best tattoo design ideas for women, chances are you’ve already discovered the bull tattoo is one of the most popular choices for many tat enthusiasts. Amazing choice! So you’re getting a tattoo and wish it to be more aesthetic, meaningful, makes you look super awesome and reflects your personality as well. Great! Let’s take a look at some of the best tattoo design ideas for women, and bull tattoo in particular, to help you make a decision:

The bull is a strong, bruising animal – but don’t let its size fool you; it can be a very beautiful and powerful tattoo design. Many people choose the bull tattoo because it symbolizes many things in life – strength, stamina, power, vigour, virility and sexuality. There are many fancy tattoo design ideas for the bull, but below are some basic bull tattoo design ideas that can be used by beginners and advanced tattooists alike: The bull is often depicted as an ox and is shown standing, walking or trampling through the landscape. The bull (or ox) is also in Chinese traditional astrology and symbolizes traits such as: loyalty, steadiness, strength, determination, steadfastness.

Bull Tattoo Design – What is Modern Tattoo Idea #1

A traditionally male oriented tattoo, most modern artists have achieved quite a feat to make bull tattoo designs which exceed just that traditional interpretation. Still retaining some strong traits from ancient mythologies and past cultures. Bull tattoos are still a very popular theme seen by a large number of people. The most famous symbol of the bull is the bulldog. It’s no surprise to see this tattoo take on a variety of shapes and forms.

Modern Tattoo Design Ideas – Bull Tattoos

A Bull Tattoo is one of the hottest tattoo designs today. It has a special meaning to the man who wears it, but for many people they see the tattoo as a symbol of their freedom and their rugged individualism. The Rock had this famous Brahma bull tattoo in his upper right arm when he began his wrestling career in the early 90s.

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