Broken Heart Tattoo – The Broken Heart Symbol

Broken heart design will surely bring some relief to your painful pain now. Expressing your agony through a broken heart tattoo has become very popular among teenagers nowadays. A heart broken with broken wings, a broken heart with a real angry heart, torn heart, bloodied heart and much more. This plan will surely say everything that you feel.

Broken heart tattoo ideas For women

Broken tattoo ideas

A tattoo with these designs is very common among women. You can choose from the different designs like the broken heart, shattered heart or broken wings to have it done on your skin. It has a wide range of choice when it comes to color, style and also its complexity.


You can have this tattoo on your lower back, right shoulder, right ankle, inside your upper arm or around your neck. It also has a lot of meaning depending on where it is to be done. The main idea behind this tattoo is that you are ready for all the pain that will come your way after breaking up with your ex-girlfriend.

You may want to have this tattoo on a small part of your body, just like the upper shoulder, lower back or ankle. But, if you want something that is not so small but still dramatic then you may want to go for the upper side of your chest. The main idea is to make this tattoo stand out. It is often used by guys for the fact that it looks great with their masculine look. The cool part about this tattoo is that it can be easily covered up whenever needed.


Many people tend to get this tattoo on their lower back because of its symbolism. It usually symbolizes that your ex had moved on and found someone who is just as good as you were in the first place.


With phrase

The tattoo may also contain the phrase “I miss you”, which is a popular quote often associated with breaking up. Other things that are often written in it include the words “I love you”I am sorry”.

Heart break tatt

Heart break tattoo ideas will bring some comfort to your pain. They express your feeling of loneliness and pain but also that you still care and love your ex very much.

Remember to be patient in having your broken heart tattoo done. It may take some time before you see results and even after you have it done. Be prepared with the pain and pressure of healing.

If the tattoo heals well and looks good with your skin, there will be no problem with your heart being visible after the healing process. Just remember that you should be patient with this process because the healing period will last longer than the tat itself.

Your heart will feel heavy after it heals but just keep on trying to bear with the pain. You will eventually feel better. And your confidence will soon return. A broken heart always makes people sad.

Good looking

When choosing which design you will have your broken heart tattoo made on, make sure that it is a good one. Some tattoo artists will refuse to ink a broken heart on you if they see an inferior piece of art. Try to choose a piece that looks good to you.

Beautiful design

You can find a lot of beautiful designs on the Internet. All you need to do is to search and compare the different ones. Make sure that the design you choose is of high quality. After you have selected your plan, you can start shopping for it from a tattoo shop near you or even on the internet.

Artist gallery

Before you have your tattoo done, it is best to check out a tattoo artist’s gallery so that you can see what the tattoo will look like in a finished form. Check the tattoo artist’s portfolio so that you can be sure of the quality of work that they have done.

Ideas with meaning

If you’ve ever had a broken heart, you know that it doesn’t go away easily. It takes time to heal and when it does, there are pain and suffering. People who have had broken hearts often carry a deep and powerful feeling of longing for the lost love in their lives.

With broken hearts, comes the feeling of longing. Heartbreaks have a deeper, more meaningful symbolism now in today’s tattoo culture. So many new, colorful and meaningful tattoo designs have come out of this need for comfort.


Heart tattoos have recently been gaining more popularity. One of the reasons is the deep emotional feeling that comes from having this type of design on your body. A broken heart symbolizes broken relationships, pain, longing for the lost love that you once knew. Many people want to show their deepest feelings through tattoos, including broken heart designs. Having a symbol like this on your body can help you connect with those you care about in a very personal way.

Word broken

When you go to a tattoo parlor and look through a catalog, it is common to see many images that have been chosen for their tattoo meaning. The word “broken” is often in bold print above the image so that it is more apparent that the person wearing it will be expressing something very strong. This is a very powerful statement that has powerful symbolism to it. Many people think that the meaning of the tat will be quite self-explanatory but that is not always the case.

For lovable person

Heart tattoos have a deeper meaning than just the phrase “broken heart” itself. It is a symbol for many different things that have changed your life. For example, if you’ve lost a loved one, your heart symbol can mean that the love you had was stronger than you thought. If someone close to you has passed on, your heart may also represent the love that you held for that person.

Reminder to remember the pain

A broken heart can represent grief or loss. You may have felt the pain of losing a loved one but you may not realize why until your heart has healed. Many people wear a broken heart symbol as a reminder to remember the pain and loss.

You may have noticed that there is a lot of people with heart tattoos on their bodies these days. Many celebrities have them on their bodies as well. They are very popular among the younger crowd, especially teens.

Because of the emotional impact of the heart design, it is important to pay attention to the words and meaning of the design. There are a lot of different ways that people interpret heart tattoo meanings. Each person must decide for themselves what the right message is to convey. Your tattoo might be about the love you once shared, a heart-breaking experience or the pain of loss.


People are going to say that there is no one way to translate a heart design into a tattoo. However, a tattoo is generally a representation of the innermost emotions of a person. They are very expressive and this is what makes them so meaningful.

Story about the person

Many people will choose the most symbolic or personal messages for their tattoos. These can include a favorite phrase or name. The phrases that are chosen are very personal to each person and can tell a story about the person and how they feel about the situation.

The heart tattoo can represent the love that you once shared or the pain of loss. it can also represent sadness or loneliness and may be interpreted as a reminder that you have suffered loss. or pain.

Unique idea

Broken heart tattoo meanings can vary depending on how the design is interpreted. For people who are considering getting a tattoo, the tattoo can be anything that you want it to be. No two tattoos are ever alike. The meaning of the tattoo is very personal and unique to each person.

Designs for lovers

Broken heart tattoo designs are a very popular tattoo design for women. If you’re thinking of getting one, there are certain things you need to know before you go ahead and ink it on your skin. In short, there are a lot of things that can make a girl choose a particular tattoo. It’s not just because she’s in love. It’s because she’s in love with herself.

Broken heart tattoos have always been there in the tattoo industry. With love comes the emotional pain. Broken hearts have always had new symbolic meaning these days in the tattoo industry. So many new tattoo ideas and vibrant colors are available to express your innermost feelings for sure.

A tattoo is the statement of who you are. So when you are choosing a tattoo, it should also say everything about you. There are a lot of reasons why girls go for this design such as it can express their inner self through tattoos. It can be for a girl who is lost in love or is still in deep emotional love.

Another reason why the girl might want a tattoo of her heart is that love symbolizes true friendship, trust and respect between lovers. Many people think that a tattoo has to do with love alone, but it doesn’t always have to.

Name and initial

This is a great symbol of commitment between partners. You can even get your partner’s name or initials inked in your tattoo. For sure, if you had a good relationship with your significant other then you’ll have a lot of positive emotions to put into your tattoo. If you’ve been together for a long time, then you’ll be able to put all those great memories that have come to be in your head into your heart.

A heart is known to symbolize the love and devotion that a person feels for someone. The fact that a heart is being cut out and left with the person who’s been given it says that love and devotion have never faded.

The symbolism of hearts has also always held a lot of meaning. A woman who has lost a loved one will usually get a tattoo of the heart. To her, the symbol of a heart is something that reminds her that she’s still beautiful, that her beauty is still shining, and it’s still there for her to see every day and every night.

Love and devotion

Women get a broken heart tattoo because they want something that symbolizes her love and devotion. It can be a symbol of love that can be seen by everyone else. That’s why many women decide to get a tattoo for their heart.

Broken heart tattoos also symbolize the agony that a person has gone through. People with broken hearts often have feelings of loneliness and sadness. Sometimes, they may feel depressed or feel that their life is passing them by. A tattoo can show that you’re still here and still searching for happiness.


Broken heart tattoos also show that you have lost someone close to you. And of course, it’s the person who’s being shown in the tattoo and not you who is in pain.

Some people choose to have their heart tattooed near their heart. It can be a symbol of their love and devotion or it can show the agony that they’re going through. with the loss.

Most girls prefer to have their heart tattooed around their heart rather than on their arm or leg. When you see a girl wearing a tattoo, her heart is often on her chest, so if you want to find her, you can just go to her tattoo parlor and ask.

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