Blue Star Image meaning and Image ideas For Lesbians

The blue star tattoo meaning is not as simple as you may think. In fact, it’s an urban myth, based on an urban legend. It was said that the tattoos were made by soaking temporary lick-and-stick tattoos in LSD and then handing them out to children in any given area.

Shooting star tattoo

A shooting star tattoo is an iconic symbol that represents positivity and happiness. It is carved on the neck or arm and has a dual-coloured star with all rays pointing upwards. This type of tattoo is never hidden and always visible. It symbolizes a positive attitude and is a great choice for people who want a tattoo that will stand out. You can also choose to have a shooting star tattoo on other parts of your body, such as behind the ear or ankle.

A shooting star tattoo can mean a lot of things to people, from a change in lifestyle to a new chapter in life. Some people feel that a shooting star tattoo represents a dying star, but this is not entirely true. In reality, a shooting star is actually a meteorite that is burning up and heading towards Earth’s atmosphere. It means that something is ending and that a new beginning is around the corner.

A shooting star tattoo can also represent a star constellation. It can also symbolize a certain trait of a person, such as being a dreamer or a believer in luck. Regardless of its meaning, a shooting star tattoo will always be an interesting addition to any tattoo.

Nautical star

If you’ve ever wanted a tattoo with nautical star meaning, you’ve come to the right place. The nautical star symbol is used in a variety of tattoo designs, and it can be as simple as a black outline, or as complex as you like. The design is often paired with other colors for a unique twist, like bright red or blue. The star can also be manipulated to look like stripes or even a national flag. It can also represent a particular animal or group of animals.

The first people to get this tattoo were sailors. The star was used as a navigational aid in the oceans long before people had access to GPS systems. Its meaning became symbolic as sailors used it to find their way home and a path in life. In addition to its religious significance, the nautical star can signify good fortune on the open seas.

If you want a tattoo design that reflects your adventurous side, a nautical star is the perfect tattoo for you. This design is typically placed on the hands or forearms. Its symbolic meaning may vary from one person to another, but it’s always a good idea to research meanings before you decide on a design.

The nautical star also represents the North Star, which was a common navigational tool for sailors. Many sailors had their star tattooed as a symbol of guidance, protection, and good luck. It is still used today by sailors as a symbol of independence.


The pentagram Tattoo design has been around for centuries, and its history dates back to the Middle Ages. It originally represented the five wounds of Jesus Christ. But it was also used in Satanism and black magic. Today, it is associated with nature and white magic. In addition to its historical significance, it represents the five elements, the five senses, and health.

In the world of astrology, the pentagram has numerous meanings, depending on the individual’s beliefs. For example, the top point represents spirit, while the other four points represent fire, water, earth, and air. The tattoo is also said to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Another version of the pentagram is a butterfly tattoo. The butterfly is often associated with a romantic feel or a social life. It is also said to symbolize a person’s pleasant nature. An example of this tattoo design is that of Jamie King, an American actress and model. King is well known for her roles in movies such as Hart of Dixie and Black Summer. She has a small pentagram tattoo on her neck, but the meaning of the butterfly tattoo is unclear.

Another pentagram Tattoo meaning is found in Pagan traditions. In Neo-Pagan religions, the pentagram is associated with the five elements (earth, water, air, fire, and spirit) and can be used as a protective spell or a protective charm. The circle that surrounds the pentagram represents protection and the eternal circle of life. Symbolic meanings of the pentagram are diverse and can be interpreted to suit personal beliefs and preferences.

Russian star

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful tattoo, consider a Russian star tattoo. Stars have a number of meanings and have been used by ancient tribes as badges of honor. They can also symbolize a strong belief in a particular religion. Typically, a russian star tattoo is done with vibrant colors.

It’s important to note that Russian Tattoos have a very dark side. Many criminals have them as a means to communicate their criminal history and that they’re not ashamed of it. They may even cut the skin off where they’re inked. And Chechens have been known to murder Vor members.

Other Russian star tattoo meanings refer to a person’s status in society. Some people choose to have an eight-point star tattooed on their shoulders or knees as a sign of their status as a Thief. The tattoo is recognizable in prisons, where it was usually placed on a prisoner’s knee. While a lone star tattoo can be a symbol of freedom, a Russian star tattoo is often associated with a criminal’s rank in society.

The Russian star tattoo meaning has many complexities. The tattoo design on the shoulder and back can indicate a person’s position in the Russian organized crime hierarchy. The placement of the tattoo is crucial. If it’s placed in an inappropriate location, it can have disastrous consequences for the person getting it.


A tattoo with the hexagram blue star design has many meanings. It can be an expression of the person’s faith or identity, or it can represent the person’s spiritual side. It is not possible to draw this tattoo continuously. Despite this, it is a popular design that is both beautiful and meaningful.

The hexagram has been used throughout history for religious and cultural purposes. In medieval times, it was used as a symbol of alchemy. It is also considered to represent a union of the two elements of fire and water. In Hindu tradition, it represents the marriage of the two goddesses, Shiva and Shakti, while in Jungian psychology, it represents the union of opposites. It is also believed to be a representation of the divine mind.

In other cultures, the star is a representation of divine guidance. Many people believe it affects their lives in mysterious ways. Ancient traditions and superstitions have associated the stars with magic and mystery for thousands of years. Some people even look up to the stars to make predictions. In addition to having a mystical meaning, a star tattoo is a way to express yourself.

The stars can be one color or multiple colors, which can be symbolic of various things. The star tattoo can also be an expression of the wearer’s love for the sky. People who are not particularly attached to the underworld may use it as an inspiration to achieve their goals. However, a star tattoo may also represent a strong message about the importance of decision-making.

Tribal star

Having a tattoo with a tribal star on it is a great way to stand out in a crowd. Its black color and star at the center of the design will get you noticed from a distance. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body and is a great way to make a statement.

The symbolism of this tattoo can vary depending on your ancestry and religion. In some cultures, a star means life, loyalty, knowledge, and understanding. If you’re Jewish, your tattoo may be a symbol of that faith. You can personalize the design to express your faith by placing a Hebrew letter or short word inside the star. Alternatively, you can choose to have the initials of a loved one placed inside the star to make it even more personal.

Another type of star is a shooting star. This symbol can be either green or red, and represents dreams or goals. A shooting star tattoo is often a symbol of luck and achievement, and can be placed around a specific passion. You can also use a shooting star tattoo to signify success in general.

A star tattoo can be quite feminine, and can symbolize dreams for the future. They may also symbolize a fanciful imagination or a desire for a different reality. Some people wear a tattoo of a fairy on their body, and a star on a crescent moon can symbolize a desire to have more. Others choose to have a fairy fly among the stars, which may symbolize progress toward goals or self-belief.

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