Blackwork VS. Black & Grey VS. Colored Tattoos – What is the Best Option

“There is no defined age to get a tattoo.”

Tattooing is modifying the skin by inserting colors, inks, dyes, tints, or pigments via needles into the dermis layer. Tattoos go deeper, but the meaning of some tattoos can even go deeper to your heart (Hypothetically speaking, of course. 😏)

Tattoos can be symbolic, meaningful, decorative, or even the result of a euphoric moment. So, you can really not afford to mess this up. Whatever the reason may be, once you decided to get a tattoo, the next thing you need to choose is what you want to get? A phrase, a symbol, a picture, a meaningful design, or whatever you like. Now that you have selected the tattoo, the next important thing is to choose the body part where you want to get tattooed.

“The body is a temple. Why not decorate it?” Tattoo placement is one of the crucial decisions in Tattooing as some parts may hurt more than others. Choose a place where you will like your tattoo as you age, consider the stretching of placement part like the abdomen. Your wrist and back arm are less likely to stretch as you gain weight.

You should remove any skin tag or mole from the placement you want to get tattooed to enhance your masterpiece’s beauty. Therefore, use a skin spots removal pen to remove any age spot, dark spot, pigmentation, or blemish before you are off to a tattoo place. The final thing you must decide is your tattoo style, whether you should get a blackwork tattoo or go for a black & grey tattoo style. You can also opt for a colored tattoo as per your choice.

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork tattoo is often confused with the tribal tattoos that are mostly influenced by traditional cultures and have a meaning behind the design. The differentiating factor between tribal and blackwork tattoos is cultural symbolism. It has a unique aesthetic and classy vibe and can go well with any clothing style.

Blackwork tattooing involves negative space, black ink, and bold lines to create the final beautiful artwork. The shoulder blade, arm, chest, and back are perfect tattoo placements for blackwork style. Sleeve and chest tattoos are the best highlights for the blackwork tattooing.


Theme of Blackwork Tattoos

The blackwork tattoo technique has been modified with various modern aesthetics comprising engraving, ornamental, dark, graphic, illustrative, geometric, and calligraphic art. Popular blackwork designs are animals, birds, floral patterns, geometrical outlines, Japanese inspired designs, swords, greek mythology, architecture, Egyptian, and pop culture.




Negative space has a powerful impact on creating a blackwork tattoo; the empty space around the design adds an appealing look to the final art piece. Blackwork tattoo is the best choice for the people who like elaborated patterns without the crowded look.




Blackwork tattoos are the best option to cover up previous bad tattoos, but it is nearly impossible to remove or even cover a blackwork tattoo as they include bold lines and negative space.



Black & Grey Tattoos

Also known as prison tattoos, black and gray tattoos use subtle and soft shadows with a hint of harsher shades. This tattooing style takes in black ink and various shades of grey by incorporating black and white together. American traditional or Old school tattooing uses black & grey styling to make the artwork appealing and beautiful.

Popular black & grey tattoo designs are pinup art, butterfly, skull, wolf, birds, animals, flowers, mermaid, gypsy women, ships, anchors, pop culture, timepiece, and Chicano.



Style to match with Black & Grey

A Black & Grey tattoo style can add beauty to even the quirkiest and craziest design. It goes well with any colorwork, adding a beautiful shade to the final art, and can be a great accent for Japanese irezumi, realistic, and neo-traditional tattoo style.





It offers a lot of versatility in the shading, detailing, and styling of the tattoo design. Black & Grey tattoo design has more longevity as compared to colored tattoos. This style creates a more realistic artwork making it appear like an actual picture.


The level of shading is very crucial in the jailhouse tattoo design, or it will look blotchy. If not done with proper soft and harsh shading techniques Black & Grey artwork can look weird and will not retain artistic integrity for a long duration.

Colored Tattoos

This tattooing style allows the individual to play with colors in as much versatility as possible. Colored tattoos have a diverse range of hues and shades. You name it, and they have it. Colored tattoo styling can bond well with modern trends like a new school, to American and Japanese traditional designs.

Popular colored tattoo design ideas are freehand back art, abstract designs, galaxy, pastel style, rainbow, floral, yacht, love key, dripping heart, rose, wings, anchor, and 3D patterns.

Are colored tattoos worth the time and money?

It may take more time for a colored tattoo, depending on the thickness of the colored ink used. The longer the tattooing period, the more it hurts. Colored tattooing can be costly as per the color inks, needles, complexity, and total time for the design. Colored tattoos require timely maintenance and touch-ups.

If you are a fan of colored hues, you avoid bad placements like palm, fingers, or feet. The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the quicker the color will fade.


Colored tattoos are best for lighter skin tones as they are more expressive in hues. The general rule of coloring is the darker the skin, the darker the hue needs to be for the tattoo to be visible.


Colored tattoos are not long-lasting, and there is a high chance of fading of the color with time making it a blurry mess. If you went for a cheap tattoo artist to cut down the cost, you might have to get a touch-up after a week, depending on the quality of the colored ink used.


Blackwork, Black & Grey, or Colored tattoo, whichever style you decided to get, be sure to thoroughly think about it and do your research. Tattoos can be very meaningful and express the emotions of the individual. As you decide on your tattoo’s best option, keep the advantages and disadvantages of the style in mind, and make your choice accordingly.

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