Top 5 Best Color Tattoo Artists in NYC

Do you want a tattoo in NYC? There are many kinds of tattoos. NYC has many tattoo shops to choose from. Some tattoo artists in NYC are very famous. They make perfect tattoos. Here are some of them:

Michela Bottin

Michela Bottin is from Italy. She moved to the US and now works at SOHO Ink in NYC. She makes gorgeous tattoos of Disney princesses and Pokemon characters.

She is very good at making lines and colors. She cares a lot about her tattoos. She makes them fun and bright. They look like Lisa Frank stickers from the 90s. She also writes funny words on them.

Nico Negron

Nico Negron is very sexy and expensive. He works in Huntington, near NYC. He makes tattoos that are black and gray. They have scary things like ghosts and skulls. But they also look adorable and classy. He makes it look easy to do.

When you get a tattoo from him, you will feel more confident.

Joice Wang

Joice Wang makes amazing tattoos of flowers. They look genuine and pretty. She is the best at making flower tattoos.

She loves nature and colors. She learned from her grandfather, who painted with watercolors in China. Her tattoos are like magic.

She has a big studio in Hong Kong with 11 people working for her. She also works in hotels, spas, restaurants, and homes. But she always wants to make people comfortable and happy with her tattoos.


Jon Wexler is a tattoo artist in NYC. He is very good at making lines and shapes. He also uses color very well. He likes to use black and gray with bright colors like purple and blue. His tattoos look like stars and rainbows.

He has a lot of excellent tools and machines for making tattoos. He is very advanced and modern. He uses a computer to make his tattoos perfect. You can buy his machine or his other gadgets if you want.

Marek Pawlik

Marek Pawlik is from Poland. He can do many different styles of tattoos. He can do bold, bright, dark, or realistic tattoos. He can do people, animals, plants, or anything else.

He is very good at making details and shadows. His tattoos are fascinating and impressive. He also knows how to pierce your body with jewelry. He sells a lot of jewelry products in Poland too.

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