Behind the Ear Tattoos


The area behind the ear is considered to be highly painful, so it’s not uncommon for people to get it tattooed. Don’t fret; getting a tattoo done doesn’t need to be sad if done by an experienced artist. Auckland-based tattooist Minnie Fanselow-Brown reports finding the experience almost painless.

Sun or Moon Symbols

Show your adoration of the stars, or have an eye-catching design with sun and moon symbols for behind-the-ear tattoos. They’re small, elegant, and hold a lot of significance.

Sun and moon symbols convey many messages, from light to darkness, masculine and feminine, and balance to symmetry.

Sun and moon tattoos make great matching tattoos but can also be used as standalone designs. For instance, a sun and moon tattoo surrounded by a dreamcatcher is an aesthetically pleasing artwork.

Another popular choice is a crescent moon tattoo. This symbol of change and hope can be a significant choice for those going through difficult times. It serves as a reminder that you’re not afraid of growth and transformation and as a positive reinforcement of one’s own strength.

You can add some fun details to your sun and moon tattoo, such as a lone star on the moon or a full moon rising over a mountain range. These are great options for adding depth and character, plus you can incorporate some of your favorite zodiac signs!

The back is an increasingly popular location for sun and moon tattoos. This space provides plenty of freedom to experiment with your design and add intricate details while remaining moderate on the pain scale chart – providing no discomfort as long as your artist takes special care to avoid high bone density areas like the spine or hip bones.

Showing off your new tattoo on the back can be an excellent way to show it off, but you must remember that this skin area remains delicate and vulnerable. Take good care and give yourself plenty of rest; additionally, avoid rubbing too hard when trying to remove the ink, as this could cause irritation and discomfort.


Flower designs are among the most beloved behind-the-ear tattoos, and for good reason. Flowers symbolize love, tenderness, and intuition – they can even symbolize new beginnings or closure if you have experienced a difficult period and are ready for change.

Flowers behind your ears can be an elegant and memorable way to mark a special occasion or express yourself creatively. Add some color for extra impact!

Some of the most popular flowers used in behind-the-ear tattoos include roses and butterflies. Both offer a delicate, sweet aesthetic that will look beautiful on any skin tone.

The butterfly is often associated with freedom and happiness, making it a perfect symbol to add to an ear tattoo to show off your free spirit. Additionally, butterflies can symbolize femininity or even the fun side of people.

Another popular flower used for behind-the-ear tattoos is the cherry blossom, which symbolizes beauty and love. Additionally, this blossom is seen as a representation of purity and innocence. This tattoo design is perfect for those seeking spiritual inspiration. The bouquet in the design symbolizes God’s blessings and guidance in your life.

Other popular choices include a single flower, star, cross, anchor, or initial. These designs don’t need much shading, so they stay sharper over time. Other flowers suitable for behind-the-ear tattoos include orchids, lilacs, and tulips.

Animals or Insects

Behind-the-ear tattoos are an excellent choice for those who would like a tattoo but do not want it on display. Additionally, they can benefit people whose jobs do not permit visible tattoos.

When considering getting a tattoo behind your ear, you should take time to consider its meaning. A unique design that conveys positive messages that you can be proud of should be chosen.


Another essential factor to consider is your comfort level with the design. Selecting a plan you feel confident with can make getting inked much more enjoyable.

If your tattoo area has a lot of hair, keeping the ink clean and dry may be difficult. Therefore, try not to rub in. Additionally, avoid using too much shampoo or other hair care products around the area while it heals; doing so could lead to an accumulation of oils which could negatively affect its appearance.

There are numerous designs if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo behind your ear. While these can be stunning and eye-catching, make sure that it is done by an experienced professional for optimal aesthetic appeal.

Simple Designs

The area behind the ear can be ideal for small designs like stars or flowers, but it also serves as a place to showcase more significant ink, such as names or initials.

Another minimalist design option is the question mark. This word symbolizes curiosity and exploration, making it a fun option for those who want to stand out.

This ear tattoo by Korean artist @pureum is stunning in all of its detail, showcasing the delicate shading that elevates it above mere logo status. Astrological constellation tattoos have long been a popular choice for zodiac tattoos, but they offer more than just an artistic way to show off your sign. If you’re considering adding one to your ear, Playground Tattoo in Seoul offers this stunning example (via Instagram).

Travelers and adventurers will appreciate this stunning artwork featuring a plane, planets, and stars by @playground_tat2. Its delicate line design and delicate artwork fit perfectly in between spaces without overwhelming them.

Scott McMahon of Pennsylvania has created an exquisite phrase tattoo featuring the word “love.” To make the most of the limited space, he added tiny stars and flowers to enhance the text. A subtle way to show affection for someone or something on Valentine’s Day!