Tips When Getting Behind the Ear Tattoos

Symbolism is a big part of behind the ear tattoos. These tattoos are often incredibly meaningful and can represent anything from hope and forgiveness to faith in God and a new beginning. They have even been associated with biblical stories such as the story of Noah. It is important to choose your design carefully and to consider its spiritual meaning before getting one.

Symbolism of behind the ear tattoos

If you’re getting a tattoo behind the ear, the symbol you choose can help you remember what’s important to you. For example, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace, and it also represents eternity. The dove is also used in weddings and is symbolic of two people becoming one.


Besides its great aesthetic appeal, this type of tattoo has a deep meaning. Many people who have this tattoo have it to represent their feelings and inner thoughts. For those who want a more serious tattoo, it could be a symbol of something they want to share with the world.

Behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. The dainty designs look especially lovely with this placement. These designs are meant to represent the most important things in your life. A tattoo behind the ear can be a beautiful and meaningful reminder of what’s important to you.

Scissor Tattoos are another popular choice for behind-the-ear tattoos. Historically, the scissor symbol signified cutting away negative influences from one’s life. It is symbolic of personal growth and can help a woman feel strong. This type of tattoo also looks beautiful when it’s small.

Dragon Tattoos are also popular among women. The symbolism of dragons is broad, and includes a variety of different meanings. Dragons are symbolic of ferocity and intelligence, and are commonly used in Asian cultures. People who get dragon tattoos celebrate their Zodiac birth year.

Behind-the-ear tattoos are considered very unconventional because of their placement. Most people get ear tattoos on their arms, chest, back, or legs, but a behind-the-ear tattoo is unique and speaks volumes about its wearer. These Tattoos are great until you get your hair cut and have to cover them up.

Word tattoos behind the ear are also a popular choice. They can be a meaningful phrase or a favorite quote. However, short and sweet words have the most impact. Choose a font that is elegant and feminine. Block capitals make quotes look even more impactful. Most people choose to get single words, such as their name, or the name of a friend or family member. Small images also look great, especially when combined with a handwritten design.

Pain tolerance of behind the ear tattoos

While behind the ear tattoos are regarded as extremely painful, some people are more pain-tolerant than others. This is due to the thin skin and the presence of numerous nerve endings in the area. Nevertheless, the pain is generally very short-lived. Experts rank the pain of behind the ear tattoos at five or more on a ten-point scale.

People with a low pain tolerance may want to avoid getting behind the ear tattoos. This location is very sensitive, so if you are not sure about your pain tolerance, you should not get this kind of tattoo. The area is also not very easy to conceal, so if you want to have a tattoo that nobody will see, you should consider a different location.

One way to minimize the pain caused by a behind the ear tattoo is to get enough sleep before getting it. The better you rest, the better the tattoo will be. A tired person will be restless and will feel the pain more than someone who is rested. Furthermore, you should avoid drugs that heighten your pain receptor sensitivity.

As a general rule, tattoos that are performed behind the ear take less than a week to complete. However, you may feel soreness and crusting for up to two weeks after your tattoo. Pain that persists beyond this point could mean an infection or allergic reaction. If you are experiencing excessive pain, you should seek medical attention or contact the artist immediately.

The best way to reduce the pain of behind the ear tattoos is to choose a skilled artist with gentle touch. Choosing an artist with a heavy hand might hurt you more than you thought. It is also best to go for a small design at first so that you can gauge your pain tolerance.

Although behind the ear tattoos are very flattering, they are also very painful. The area behind the ear is considered an erogenous zone, which means that this area is extremely sensitive. This makes tattooing behind the ear a very personal decision.


Design options

Women can get beautiful tattoos on the back of their ears by choosing a design that represents their femininity and innocence. Dove tattoos look especially lovely on women, as they are symbolic of forgiveness, hope, love, and unity. They are also symbols of Christian faith. In fact, the dove was a part of Noah’s story. Depending on your personal taste, a dove tattoo can be small or large and monochromatic or outlined. A perched dove can also look stunning.

Another choice for a behind the ear tattoo is a star design. It can represent guidance and hope, and provides light on even the darkest nights. Star tattoos can also be a tribute to a loved one who passed away. These tattoos are available in a number of different designs, and can be made from many different types of symbols. Some popular designs include constellations, dot-and-line stats, flowers, and tribal designs.

Choosing a design for behind the ear tattoo should depend on your level of comfort. Some designs look great on some people, but are uncomfortable on others. For example, a spider tattoo may not look as attractive on you as you wish. Therefore, it is important to choose a design that you are happy with.

Women who don’t like to have large tattoos may opt for simple, clean lines or an arrow. However, this location doesn’t offer much room for intricate designs, so you should choose a tattoo with limited shading. A flower tattoo or an initial are also popular designs. If you have no experience with tattoos, stick to simple designs that don’t have many details.

Design options for behind the ear tattoos are as varied as the options in front. The main advantage of a behind the ear tattoo is that it is easy to hide, and can even be meaningful. This type of tattoo also allows you to add color, which can be a nice addition to a tattoo.


Following proper aftercare for behind-the-ear tattoos is vital to the speedy healing of your new tattoo. A behind-the-ear tattoo will usually take about two to four weeks to fully heal. According to the Authority Tattoo, the process of healing a tattoo can be broken down into three distinct stages. During the first two weeks, the deeper layers of your skin are still busy repairing the tattoo.

Because behind-the-ear tattoos are smaller than most traditional tattoos, the ink tends to fade faster. For this reason, you should choose a tattoo artist with experience with fine lines and a portfolio that contains examples of their work. In addition, you may have to shave your head to get a behind-the-ear tattoo, so make sure you discuss this with your artist before making the decision.

It is important to wash your hair the day before your tattoo to avoid rubbing the tattoo area. You should also avoid using harsh shampoos, conditioners, or hair products on the tattoo. Avoid exposing the tattoo to the sun for at least two weeks. After the tattoo has healed, you can apply moisturizer to protect the tattoo from drying out.


It is important to understand the pain that comes with behind-the-ear tattoos. Some people are more sensitive to pain than others, so you should take into account your personal tolerance for pain when choosing this type of tattoo. However, you should understand that you can experience less pain if you choose an alternative tattoo area.

The pain associated with a behind-the-ear tattoo can be considerably reduced by preparing mentally for the procedure. A positive mindset can help you cope with the pain. A behind-the-ear tattoo can be more tolerable than a belly tattoo, because the pain will be absorbed by the body. This means that it may take longer for you to heal. If you are a woman, you should be aware that you may have to wait longer for healing than men.

As the tattoo heals, you should apply tattoo aftercare cream on the tattoo area three to four times a day. Applying the cream regularly will ensure that the tattoo area stays moist and prevent infection. It is important not to over-moisturize your tattoo as this can cause irritation and can lead to scarring.

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