Cool Basketball Tattoos – Ideas For NBA Tattoos

If you’re a basketball fan, you probably have seen a basketball player’s tattoo on a famous athlete’s body. Maybe you’ve seen it on the body of Kobe Bryant, or perhaps Lebron James, or even a member of his family! Whether it’s a basketball player’s name or an image of his beloved court, you can be sure that a basketball fan can find a basketball tattoo design that fits their style.

Lebron James

There are more than 16 tattoos on LeBron James’ body, all with special meaning and significance. They include tributes to family members, a portrait of his son, and inspirational quotes. These tattoos are a way for the basketball star to express himself and his love for family and friends. Many of his tattoos are based on his family’s history.

LeBron James’ tattoos include his initials, ‘KJ1’, on his forearms. He also has the words ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Family’ inked on his belly. Some of the other Tattoos that he has include a big winged lion on his chest and floating birds on his right bicep.

LeBron’s lion tattoo has been viewed as a symbol of loyalty and family. It was revealed during the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Other famous LeBron James tattoos include a snake, rose, and number Tattoos. His Tattoo design has changed many times over the years, but his lion tattoo remains an iconic design.

In addition to a Kobe-inspired tattoo, LeBron James has a tribute tattoo to Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash on 26 January. The tattoo features the snake-like symbol that was Kobe’s nickname, as well as the rose symbol for love. Kobe’s number from his 20-year tenure with the Lakers is also a part of the tattoo.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant tattoos can be a tribute to the superstar. His sister Vanessa also got a tattoo of his jersey number. The black mamba snake is a representation of unparalled agility. Vanessa got the tattoo after she saw the movie “Kill Bill” and was inspired by the image. The tattoo also features Kobe’s daughter Gianna’s jersey number and the words “FOR E V E R.”

Another tattoo of Kobe Bryant features an angel with wings. He also has a tattoo of his wife, Vanessa. The tattoo represents divine powers, guidance, and protection. The tattoo is on his right shoulder and arm. It also depicts his wife Vanessa’s name. The tattoo was also inked underneath the name Vanessa.

Bryant’s tattoos also pay tribute to his daughters. He has a tattoo of his daughters’ names on his forearm. During a recent interview, the NBA superstar revealed that he is planning to get a tattoo of his youngest daughter Natalia on his forearm in 2020. As a man of God, he is known to have tattoos to remind him of his faith. He recently shared a photo of his forearm tattoo with his fans.

Kobe’s Tattoos are mostly done with black ink. While the designs aren’t intricate, they are bold and sentimental. Some of them include diamonds and butterfly crowns. Other prominent designs include his daughter’s name and a favorite bible passage.

Iman Shumpert

When it comes to tattoos, NBA star Iman Shumpert isn’t shy about showing off her designs. The Chicago Bulls guard recently posed for an article in Inked Magazine revealing several of her designs and explaining what they mean. One of her favorites is a tattoo of Chicago’s green line. It’s a beautiful tribute to the city of her birth and is one of the many reasons she’s a great addition to any sports team.

Shumpert has tattoos on his forearms, shoulder and upper arms. The left forearm has the word ‘Respect’ while the right forearm has a picture of Jesus Christ. These tattoos may be a reflection of his religious beliefs or personal beliefs. However, there are a lot of stereotypical NBA tattoos on Shumpert, too. Some of his designs include the word ‘Respect’ and two arrows pointing opposite directions. He also has a large basketball and dice with stars on his right shoulder.

Some of the most popular designs on Shumpert’s body are inscribed with inspirational quotes, such as ‘The Power of Love’ by Jim Rohner. Other designs include a heart, a rose, and a heart with a spiraling vine. Many people consider this an artistic choice, and Shumpert’s tattoos are certainly worth a look.

The basketball player’s other tattoos include a large basketball and the words ‘Just happen to love it’ beneath it. Other designs include a red dice with numbers 5 and two on the sides, as well as stars in a flame-like background.

Kobe Bryant’s family

Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, recently got a new foot tattoo to honor her family. It features a tribute to her late husband Kobe and late daughter Gianna Bryant. The design, created by famed tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, covers the ankle and toe of her foot. In a photo posted to Instagram, Vanessa captioned the photo with a heart emoji. The design is gold and purple.

Anissa Bryant has a new tattoo, reading “Mambacita” and featuring a butterfly. It honors her daughter Gianna Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash last year. Bryant and Vanessa Bryant’s daughter’s name is a nod to her father, who also had a tattoo of the same name on his arm.

Kobe Bryant has four daughters. He married Vanessa Bryant and together they have four children. The basketball player is proud to be a “girl dad” and proud to show off his tattoos. His tattoos honor his children and symbolize the unbreakable bond between family members.

Vanessa Bryant, Gianna Bryant’s mother, also has a tattoo commemorating her late husband. Gianna was 13 when she was killed in a helicopter crash. Vanessa and Gianna’s daughters Vanessa and Natalia have been close since the tragic accident. Vanessa Bryant has shared photos of their bonding on Instagram.


Kobe Bryant’s mom

Kobe Bryant’s mom, Vanessa Bryant, has recently got several new tattoos honoring her family. Her new designs include the names of her children: Gianna, Bianka, Capri, and Natalia. They all died in a helicopter crash in January. Vanessa Bryant hasn’t revealed the meaning of her new designs, but she’s made sure to honor her children.

Vanessa Bryant has been open about her grief ever since Kobe and Gianna died. She posted pictures and fan art of her sons and daughters, and she wrote about how her three daughters helped her stay strong during the dark times. Her 18-year-old daughter Natalia recently joined her mom for a tattoo session. Natalia’s new design is a butterfly that reads “Mambacita.” “Mambacita” may be a reference to the nicknames of Kobe and Gianna.

Vanessa Bryant also got a tattoo in honor of her late daughter Gianna. She revealed her tattoo on Instagram, and also posted videos of her eldest daughter Natalia getting inked. The tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon, has tattooed Kobe, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem.

After Kobe and Vanessa married in 2010, the couple raised their four children as strong, independent women. Vanessa Bryant was proud of her daughters’ independence, and had her daughters tattooed as well. The tattoos were designed to honor her children.

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