Arm Tattoo Cover Ups – 3 Small Image ideas For the Inner Bicep

One of the most effective arm tattoo cover up ideas is the black panther, a classic American traditional style tattoo. While this style of tattoo uses black ink primarily, there is a little bit of red in the mouth. The best arm tattoo cover ups can leave no trace of the previous work and still look great. Using shading and detail, you can hide the old work. Here are three popular cover up ideas for the inner arm bicep.

Image ideas For Arm tattoo Cover Ups


When you want to cover up an existing arm tattoo, there are many different ideas you can choose from. Whether you have a faded piece or a piece that is too large, there are several types of tattoo cover ups that you can try. Some of the most common cover up ideas include using feathers or shading to hide traces of a previous tattoo. Adding detail to your new arm tattoo cover up can make your design look completely new, transforming it into an eye catcher.


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