The Meaning of an Ah Eye of Horus Tattoo

The Ankh Eye of Horus design in tattoos has long symbolized regeneration, healing, spiritual guidance, and warding off evil.

This design originates from Ancient Egyptian art, mythology, and jewelry. Today, it is a popular modern tattoo design with different interpretations.


The Ankh Eye of Horus tattoo signifies protection, healing, rejuvenation, and rebirth. It also represents the ability to perceive the unseen and interpret the universe. Horus’s right eye, according to legend, was torn out during a war against his brother, Set.

Other interpretations of the Eye of Horus tattoo include it being a symbol of life or an indication of healing after a traumatic event.

The Eye of Horus, combined with pyramid designs, can create a visually appealing and symbolically significant tattoo.


The Ankh Eye of Horus tattoo involves healing, sacrifice, and protection. It represents Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, often depicted with a falcon’s head and keys in his left hand.

The right eye of an Ankh symbolizes the sun, while the left represents the moon. This reflects the story of Horus’ left eye being gouged out during a battle with Seth for Egypt’s throne.

Thoth magically restored Horus’ eye, and since then, the symbol is believed to be a protector against harmful influences and an aphrodisiac.

The Ankh is one of the most cherished Egyptian symbols. It’s often associated with fertility and spiritual immortality, and can be found on tattoos or celebrity necklaces.


For Egyptians, the Ankh Eye of Horus symbolizes life and eternal existence.

The Eye of Horus tattoo is increasingly popular because of its association with protection against evil spirits and bad luck.

The Eye of Horus is tied to the ideas of protection, perseverance, and intuitive insight in Ancient Egyptian culture.

The Eye of Horus tattoo, often seen on wrists or ankles, can feature other Egyptian symbols like falcons, pyramids, and scarabs.

This tattoo represents Horus, the sun god, and is believed to offer protection and guidance, and has magical and supernatural significance.


When getting an Ankh Eye of Horus tattoo, there are different styles to consider. One popular style is the symbol on its own without other design elements.

A neo-traditional work that combines American traditional work with modern techniques and designs can create a bold, attention-grabbing piece that expresses love for Egyptian culture. It can be combined with other Egyptian symbols to add further significance.


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