Choosing a 4-Hour Tattoo Size

When picking a tattoo size, there are small, medium, and extensive options to consider.

Consider the design, placement, pain tolerance, healing process, and time it will take. These factors can help guide your decision.


Small tattoos are good for starting your tattoo journey. You can fit initials, minimalist designs, or even a symbol, animal, or character.

Small tattoos are popular with women for areas like the thighs and wrists. Floral designs, geometric shapes, and nature-themed themes work well in these small spaces.


Small tattoos take less time and thus cost less. Talk with your artist about the right size. To be sure, print various sizes of your desired design to see what fits you best.


Medium tattoos are great for both beginners and experienced tattoo wearers. They are noticeable but not too large. They allow you to mix small and large designs. Discuss with your artist for the best outcome.


Getting a large tattoo needs preparation. Eat well before the session, avoid snacking and don’t bring anything that might dirty the workspace.


Avoid coffee on the day of your tattoo appointment, as it may increase bleeding and discomfort. Smoking and sedatives can also negatively affect your experience.


Talk to your artist about the ideal size. A well-chosen size can give you long-term satisfaction.


Stu Hepcat from Hepcat tattoos in Glasgow, Scotland, suggests researching before choosing a large design. Saving up for a large tattoo that won’t age well isn’t advisable. Long sessions with numbing cream can result in a messy design rather than a masterpiece.

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