3 Proofs That Tattoos Are Cool No Matter How Old You Are

Getting inked has been somewhat a trend for some time already. Now it has less to deal with a culture (like Maori or Amazon Indian tribes) but more with cementing meaningful (and meaningless) drawings on a body. People of all ages – from young adults to seniors – get tattoos to express themselves and/or give their bodies a stylish “upgrade.” Yeah, we need to say here that tattoos can and do look good on every person no matter how old they are, and below in the article, you will find the proofs.

You Can’t Be Too Old for a Tattoo

As you might see in real life or on the Internet, tattoos actually look cool and bitching on old people, despite what our mothers might tell us when we were younger and wanted to get inked. “Don’t get a tattoo. It will look gross when you age” or “When you will be something over 60, your skin will be wrinkly and saggy. No tattoo will look good on old skin!” Our parents wish us only the best, which are warnings they often give to their children when the subject of getting a tattoo comes up. We believe we all have heard stories about old people with tattoos, but the thing is that we tend to pay more attention to negative experiences than to positive ones. Well, do you think that our parents would let us enjoy great stories of old people who enjoy their still good-looking tattoos?

The truth is that “cool” doesn’t age, and everybody can look good (with or without tattoos) no matter how old they are. One of the biggest advantages of tattoos is that they make a person distinctive, besides, of course, stylish. Inked people attract attention and find it easier to start communicating with people as they are far more often being approached, usually with questions about their tattoos, and that’s how a conversation is born! Such a useful property of tattoos, isn’t it? Especially if you are looking for a date or a long-term partner and want to contact many people to find your match.

Your Ink Gets You a Second Wind in Search of Older Hookups

One thing many of us can agree on is that people with tattoos attract attention. Moreover, the older you are, the more attention you may get because of the ink on your body. Being older and tattooed makes you stand out from the crowd of daters who mostly look like slightly boring adults. Today dating is happening mainly online for many good reasons.Online dating seekers have different search goals, including older hookups that promise naughty fun for which you can never be too old. Browsing through dating profiles, you may see pictures of potentially interesting users here and there, but pictures of an inked elder person – wow, it’s really outstanding. Such a picture in a dating profile will make you want to learn more about this person. And that’s why old people with tattoos tend to be actively contacted by other users who, obviously, celebrate distinctiveness and are charmed by outstanding appearance.

You might think that tattoos make you look cool only when you are young when the reality shows that coolness doesn’t disappear with age. Wrinkled and distorted? No way! By looking for an older hookup as a mature person, your ink gets you a second wind of coolness – nobody will stand the desire to get to know you!

You Stand Out and Have Your Style

More people have tattoos today than ever before, and it’s a fact. You may have at least 2 friends that are inked. In contrast to what skeptics say about tattoos, only 12% of Americans regret getting them. But skepticism gets fierce when it comes tothe older generation having a piece of inked art on their bodies. “It DOES NOT look good and appropriate!” they say, and they are wrong. The stigma that tattoos are only for a young generation is slowly going away thanks to cool and stylish elders who rock their tattoos, and we watch them in real life or in pictures in awe.

The main reason inked older people look cool is that they stand out from the crowd! Tattoos are often a part of their distinctive style, expressed in their creative outfits and hairstyles. And as we know, style doesn’t age. Tattoos are considered one of the most common forms of body modification, and moreover, it helps us to express ourselves. This expression of our personality is extremely helpful for dating online, as other users can have an idea from the profile picture what kind of person you are. On a mature dating site, you will not only feel comfortable among the elders, but you will be able to show users your distinctive style with tattoo(s), which will not go unnoticed by other users in search of older hookups. Who doesn’t want to go on a date with a cool and stylish person?

Do not pay attention and take close to the heart the age-old judgy comments from skeptics. If you enjoy the ink art on your body and/or it’s a part of your style, should other people’s opinions bother you? Your bodyis your choice, and if a tattoo is a way of self-expression, no matter how old you are, you are never too old to stop expressing yourself.

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